Giving You the Keys

To unlock the doors within you so you can empower yourself and others.

Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself? Are you frightened of public speaking? Are you worried about sharing your opinion on social media? Do you feel uncomfortable about giving a podcast interview? Are you concerned about EMF radiation generated by smart devices and WiFi? Do you feel blocked and can't seem to move forward with your life? Do you feel like you are going around in circles? Do you like to learn new things about your self and want to start evolving as a human being? If some of these questions resonate, then this conscious AURA AWARENESS LEARNING ZONE is for you!
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The Benefits

of the Aura Awareness Learning Zone

  • Be Your True Self

    You are encouraged and supported to be your true self without judgement. By having the freedom to follow your own dreams and live your soul purpose, you can achieve greater happiness and lead a healthier more fulfilled life having a positive impact on your community.

  • Discover Self-Love

    You are encouraged to learn how to love yourself fully and embrace all aspects of yourself so that you feel comfortable in your own body. Then you can start to rebuild your life based on a foundation of love, respect and honesty. You can focus your life of living it and sharing it with people who love you as much as you love yourself. Self-Love is an important key for living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

  • Your Role in Your Community

    You are encouraged to play an active role in your local community, sharing positive energy, uplifting and inspiring people to become more conscious and self-aware that we co-create our reality, therefore nothing is determined and everything is possible.

In the press in May 2020

Feature interview in UK's No.1 best selling spritual magazine

Richart Voller was feature interviewed for the REAL LIVES section in Spirit & Destiny magazine, the UK's No.1 best selling spiritual magazine, June issue 2020. He shares his story about his awakening and discovering his aura painting gift.

Now I invite you to discover more!

I have created this online Aura Awareness Learning Zone from my own life experiences so as to help you evolve, raise your level of consciousness and become a Leader in co-creating a new shared reality, one were we support each other to prosper and thrive.

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